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Red Hot and Blue - What Equipment do they supply & what do they need?

Red Hot and Blue supply all the equipment that is needed to perform at your venue, this equipment includes:-

The Sound.

High Quality, Professional HK Audio Speaker System, this is suitable for audiences up to 700 guests.  The system is modular, so different combinations can be used for any size of audience.  Should the number of guests be considerably more than 700, the band can offer the client a hire service for additional PA equipment for any size of audience / venue.

The Lighting.

Red Hot and Blue's lighting equipment consists of a large black back drop (situated at the rear of the stage area), computerised intelligent lighting, 8 x PAR CAN Stage Lights, and 8 x Floor Standing PAR CAN Stage Lights.

The Instruments.

The band supply all their own instruments needed to perform at your event.
The line up of the band consists of:-

Drums:- Sammy Carter
Bass / Vocals:- Ian Larkin
Keyboards / Vocals:- Phil Mason
Guitar / Vocals:- Ross Griggs
Vocals / Sax:- Michele
Vocals / Sax:- Holly
Vocals / Sax:- Katrina

What the band need to perform:-


Changing Area

Adequate safe, lockable changing facilities to be made available to the artiste on performance date (s).


Food (simple hot meal for 7 performers and 1 crew) and soft drinks to be provided for the artiste by the management, if the artiste is to be set before 8.00pm.

Stage size / Performance area

The Space required is 6m x 4.25m with a 1M gap between the back of the stage and back wall. This is to site a large intelligent lightshow with a blackout backdrop curtain. If possible 2 safe 32amp power supplies or 1 x 32amp 3 phase supply or at least 4 separate 13amp sockets each on separate ring main with 32amp breakers. (If your venue does not have enough space or electricity please advise us before the event so the band can make arrangements to bring a smaller show).


Please make sure that the artiste has easy access to the venue and sufficient parking space for a long wheel base van and 1 people carrier. The equipment arrives in the large van and takes approximately 3hrs to set up. The artiste will always arrive early enough to be set on time but unless advised will expect the loading door to be no further than 15meters from the stage. in the case of an upstairs or long haul get in the management need to make the artiste aware at least 7 days before the event. Failure to do so may result in the artiste not being set up on time.